One World — One Humanity
Meet people!
Meet people!
Start immediately

1. Click "Start" and reply "Allow" to all browser requests.

2. Zoom the map in and out to find a partner (or a video) and call him with a click on a location (a static or moving image on the map).

3. Start a conversation with your partner or watch a video. You can text someone while you're at it (using automatic translation if necessary).

4. There's the "Log in" icon in the upper right part of your screen – if you wish, you can sign up and get access to additional features (fill in your profile, add friends etc.).

5. Simply close the tab with OWOH to quit and turn off your camera and microphone.

Read the full guide to learn more about OWOH.

We managed to fit our huge and exciting world into your screen! Want to videochat with a foreigner from any place on Earth? Find a friend who lives on the other side of the globe? Forget the language barrier – we’ll help you translating! Right now you can watch your favorite movie for the 10th time and discuss it, play a game or simply keep quiet, understanding that you don’t need words…

What is OWOH?

Geotagged conversation partners

The whole world is in front of you. Choose a partner from any country!

Free video chat

Live communication with real people!

Choose people to chat!

Live videos by people on the map! Pick whomever you like!


Not ready yet? Text while seeing your conversation partner!

Don’t know the language?

Turn automatic text translation on!

New Videos

from major web-hostings on the map. Only relevant information here!

Watch together

Play a video for both you and your partner and discuss it!

Like someone?

Add him or her to your friend list so you don’t have to look for your partner on the map!

You will like OWOH, because it’s:

Simple interface, friendly functionality, everything you need for interesting communication and entertainment. And all of this - absolutely free!
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